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View Thread: The case for war in Iran
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    Out of curiosity, has anyone read "The Bomb in My Garden" by Dr. Mahdi Obeidi--the chief scientist behind Saddam's centrifuge program for nuclear weapons? 

    I think it's clear that Saddam was thumbing his nose at the rest of the world for some time.  Whether he was a true threat is the subject of a thousand debates, of course.  And though none were found--and true, there may not have been any there *to* find at the time (yet that is *also* speculation to the extent that it cannot be proven beyond question)--no one should kid themselves about his intent to *have* WMDs.  At some point, it boils down to how long the rest of the world was going to put up with it, and whether or not a containment strategy would have worked long-term (not to mention the effects of it on the people of Iraq).

    Yes, the US is one of many countries, but the reality is that it is one of the few with enough resources to do anything about these situations.  Does that mean that the US should do something simply because it can?  No, of course not.  But conversely, should it refrain from doing anything simply because others would not?  Some isolationists and other critics would like the US to take that approach, but it doesn't necessarily afford the best result.