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View Thread: Scoble to leave Channel 9 for Google
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    scobleizer wrote:

    Just a note, sorry to say, but I'm leaving Microsoft and Channel 9 to work at Google. Here's more details:

    It's been a lot of fun, but time for me to try something new.

    Sorry, Robert, but this falls pretty flat for me.  I guess you didn't intend to people to really think you were going to Google.

    If you had really wanted people to fall for it and make a big April Fools Day splash, here's what I would have suggested:

    On Wednesday, post a diatribe about something internal to Microsoft.  Be exasperated.  Express the inability to effect change.  Talk about intertia and lack of nimbleness.  God knows its often true enough.

    Mid day Thursday, post about being super busy and not having time to post.  Also equally true.

    On Friday, ignore all that and post short link posts but don't spend time in your comments.  Don't engage.  Don't let them suspect anything.

    Then late in the day (like 7pm yesterday), post a <250 word heartfelt "need to make a change, need to get my life under control, thus I'm making the change.  As you may have suspected, I've admired Google for a long time so after much consideration" blah blah blah.

    And lock comments, just to avoid people commenting "oh, it must be  an April Fools joke".

    You'd get AP to pick that story up.

    But that's just my $.02