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Office(workspace) Toys... whatcha got?

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    Just like the topic says.... What kind of toys do you keep in your office or workspace(for the students).

    I really don't keep a lot myself but i've always got my headphones playing music and i keep my "thinking ball" around. I need to get some other things as it seems that having toys around helps me stay creative and relax?

    anyone else find this to be the case?

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    *glances around*

    On top of monitor:

    • Mozilla Firefox plushie
    • Panda plushie
    • "Monitor cleaning dog" (plush dog with monitor-cleaning surface on belly)
    On desk:

    • Binder clips, played around with whilst waiting for my computer to finish what its doing
    • Those pens that you can't stop clicking
    • And a ruler
    erm... that's it.

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    2 Channel 9 guys, one on each monitor.

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    AndyC wrote:
    2 Channel 9 guys, one on each monitor.

    I've got a Knutsford postcard right here... I keep on procrastinating when it comes to sending it off to Scoble.

    What's the address again?

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    W3bbo wrote:

    I've got a Knutsford postcard right here... I keep on procrastinating when it comes to sending it off to Scoble.

    What's the address again?

    No idea. Jeff sent me 4 for pointing out an "issue" on C9 once. I never got the one for the postcard I sent (not that it matters now.)

    Wasn't it in a thread recently...

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    scobleizer (here) wrote:
    To get a Nine Guy, just send me a postcard. I'm a bit behind, but about to send another batch out:

    Robert Scoble
    c/o Channel 9
    1 Microsoft Way 18/2439
    Redmond, WA 98052


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    I sent in a post card but didn't get one... So I contacted Scoble directly and he was nice enough to mail one to me. Smiley

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    I got me one of these for when things get frustrating:

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    robotech, hats and things that go bang

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    Detroit Muscle

    2007 Dodge Nitro Big Smile

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    I have one of these monitor mirrors.

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    All I have is my music and my views (1, 2)

    Additionally, I believe I am in need of some Legos.



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    According to a survey I just completed:
     Computers and computer accessories
     Person (me) and person accessories

    On my monitors:
     Center speaker
     Bag o'Cheesy Poofs
     5-subject Mead notebook (just in case)
     USB hub

    On my PivotTables:*
     Battery Charger
     Digital alarm clock w/LED display
     Front and rear speakers
     Ash can
     Composite/SV input box for TV tuner
     Morning pile (Stuff I don in the morning (i.e. phone, wallet, tools, etc))
     Roll of TP for assorted nose-blowings and cleanups
     12 CD-R and DVD-R spindles ranging in height from 5 to 200
     CD-Spindle cover filled with charged rechargeable batteries on standby
     My current soda can
     3 Monitors
     [Edit]: Keyboard, mouse, and mouse receiver
    On the floor:
     Dirty Laundry Pile
     Clean Laundry Pile
     Unused soda 12-packs
     Garbage pile

    On the shelves:
     Nostalgic Memoribilia
     Broken Laptop
     Unused VCR
     More optical spindles
     Functional parts not in use
    Not a single cutesy plush toy, stress toy, sex toy, or toys of other varieties. My workspace is at home.

    *PivotTables:  The folding tables I use to form a pivot. They surround me in such a way that I can access anything simply by pivoting. "Multitasking is five computers and a swivel chair".

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    I have a Java plushie,  A BSD Daemon plushie, the Death Star.  I also have a Zippo lighter,  penlights and a few little trinkets.   I also have been waiting for my C9 guy.

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    Channel 9 Guy
    MSDN Webcast Guy (C9 Guy's little brother apparently)
    Robotech figure in a box up in my overhead bin
    Earthworm Jim (with real launching action!)
    Snot (Earthworm Jim's sidekick)
    Small matchbox emergency rescue vehicle (affectionately called the Waaaambulance, for when someone whines too much)
    2 Superballs
    2 Foam balls suitable for throwing and not breaking things
    MSN Rubik's cube
    Strange number matching puzzle with interlocking pieces that you have to arrange

    Ooooh and my lightup lightsaber spoon from a box of cereal (lights up green, the battery still works).

    The pencil sharpener can be fun but I don't think it counts as a toy.

    I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to this sort of thing.

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    These toys puzzle me. What is their purpose?  In my workspace, every item has a function; every function has an item. A place for everything and everything out of place.

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    ...realizes he has spent WAY to much money at ThinkGeek.

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    Giant M&M Dispenser
    Penny Refugee Camp (For the spare pennies I get in my pocket)
    Picture of my kids
    Aprox 250 AOL CD's
    My Desert Camo (from Kuwait and Afghanistan)
    "Pop Art" of a hard drive, my computer, etc
    15 Different color markers and my white board to draw on
    Stuffed Lizard Benie Baby
    Carmel Apple Jones Soda
    Two plants (I stole one from a co-worker)
    A photoshoped Alien vs. Predator poster to say "Tags vs. Labels"
    Various Artwork of my kids.....

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