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    1. While using Windows Vista, what were your initial reactions?

    I actually liked it right off the start. I started late, unlike others in this post, due to me being out of state for business. I was gone for 3 months. I had the beta inventation setting on my computer but could not get a good download from the hotel I was in.

    I started with the RC1 5600 build that is still available on-line. I then moved to the RC2 and now the RTM. I do not see much of a difference from RC1 5600 to RTM 6000. They still have major driver problems. Audio was super up untill I tried recording audio. I found my video's to be a little blurry and sound would not record.

    2. What feature of Vista do you find most helpful/innovative and why?

    It would have to be the performance and bitloker encryption.

    3. What factors would stop you or encourage you to buy/upgrade to Windows Vista? (e.g. price, etc.)

    Software and driver issues would stop me from buying it untill 8 - 10 months after release.

    4. What are some of Windows Vista's weaknesses?

    The one thing that really annoys me is the "User Account Control". It will be nice to have in the office to keep the moroons from touching settings and files that they should not be even remotely close to, but there should be a way for a admin to shut it off without the annoying security alert that never seems to get the hint.

    5. From the following, what would you rather purchase? Windows Vista, Smart Phone/PDA, Console, Mobile Phone. Please state why you chose what you did.

    That would have to be a PDA or Hand Held Computer. I like to be able to work when not in the office or at home and a Notbook is just not worth the energy to carry it.

    6. Which of these do you find more important: security or entertainment capabilities?