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View Thread: Its official: Iran is a nuclear country
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    Well in the case of Iraq the whole world was against an invasion however it was the US and in a smaller part the UK that made up this muppet show in front of the UN. If you missed that the rest of the world did and still does oppose this war, then we better let it it be. And look who's left from the coalition of paid friends, still puzzled that such a big nation seems to need help after starting the mess. Should be a piece of cake to deal with it alone, you caused you fix it. Enjoy the party to come down there Wink

    At least you can see that most of the US conflicts (what a coincidence that always the US was the agressor and it nearly aways took place on others soil, so clearly the US was in danger, yeah yeah) did start with big lies. But of course what ever they do it is right and they are the good guys, the big liberators that did bring us Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other great things. Everybody opposing the empire is a potential terrorist and only having the vague guess one might be a terrorist does give the right to eliminate them with what ever method is available.

    So to end the discussion from my side, I do congratulate you to be part of such a great nation. But don't wonder why there is so little
    sympathy left. Bush and his administration did their best to open lots of peoples eyes, the patina is off.