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View Thread: IE Address Bar Fails after insalling yesterday's patches
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    No big deal. I just backed off the patches. I'm irritated that I am unable to find a way to report the problem to Microsoft. I went through and tried to find a way just to send an email to Microsoft to let them know, but I was not able to. I tried to create a support ticket and they wanted to charge me. I don't care to pay them for my troubles. I just want to report a bug. After installing the 4 new patches, I could no longer pull up a website by typing the address into the address bar in IE. I could search for the address and click on the link to get to the site from my homepage. Weird. I removed all the patches and IE worked normally again. I reinstalled all the patches and the address bar didn't work any more. I removed all the patches and disabled automatic updates. IE 6.0 is the version and I'm using a HP w/ AMD processor and windows xp sp2 w/ sql server 2005 and vs 2003 isntalled.

    Heads up.