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    Thanks for all the support guys, wasnt really looking for advice prog but thanks anyways!  I am usually on the otherside of the table, the one giving the interview so I think that built my experience up in how everything is handled and done.  Although its a bit different at MS since you have one day (they said about 5 hours) of interviews instead of one interview, then you wait for a call, and then another and then you wait for another call.  So this process seems more streamlined and to the point.

    In case anyone is wondering this is an off campus offer, so its not with the product teams.  But yeah its true I have wanted to work for MS all my life, well actually since I was 14, I can still recall my first experiences with Windows 3.11 Workgroups and the magazines that came with the 5 page source code program you type out to play the old school pong in DOS! Big Smile