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    Andrew Webber FX

    I like and develope for Windows Vista because its the platform we i can build, in the least time, the best looking apps. DirectX, WinFX and the Windows Platform give me everything i need to produce a product my customers love to use!
    [Fact: My product on Windows currently with a 95% market share against my competitors who are mainly on linux and cluster\mainframe environments]

    On linux development from my company just wouldnt happen, wast of time IMO [i ok development directions] although on Tiger it might but not to many customers have it widely deployed in the work place so i just doesnt make sence! [Fact: Due to obvious buisness sence]

    That stated i do feel sad for Vista not because i hate the lack on WinFS or that i wanted the idea of a Managed only EE allowing for only native authenicode to run which admins or uses could trust by trusting a public key. But really that with the current LEADERSHIP not middle managers or poor old engineers!, that it feels that even channel 9 could even be i waste of time.

    Channel 9 opened my eyes, at least to what i thought, to the real development process. Wide eyed, positive engineers, with big grins, really wanting to make a difference and misunderstood. These were the images [PR] i got in the first sets of content from Channel 9. Used to be just engineers not its dreaded PMs and Marketing dudes with the shy engineers afraid of speaking. "you not allowed to speak, just demo and speak about the code Smiley". I have no time for Evangelists that can't code Smiley  But is it now all just a big marketing shame to drive awareness and hype. For me its just politics, maybe it will all be perfect in Blackcombe, maybe not. I dont care really, i just know at the momment MS is the best platform to develope for. If i were making all the calls, who knows if i could have stopped the mistakes either. its the biggest sw project in the world and it cant be easy.

    lastly Office 2007, OMG, what an amazing effort from the office team. not that the office dude has gone to windows lets just hope the next windows turning into the great product it really could and should be.