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Windows Vista Embedded?

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    Hey everyone!
    I was wondering what information, if any, there is about Windows Vista Embedded?  I have been looking on channel 9 and msdn and I havent found alot.

    Is it coming out anytime soon?  Myself and some other students at my school are looking to use Windows embedded in a project for next year, so hopefully Vista Embedded will be released in that timeframe.

    Thanks for the info.

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    So I am not the only person wondering what they are planning on doing with XP Embedded with the forthcoming release of Vista.... I too would like to know if they are planning on bringing out Vista Embedded...

    It would be good to know as I have to make some very big design decisions on an embedded product over the next month or so.  Any info from MS would be greatly appreciated on this.  I will be at MEDC Europe so if there is anyone there who knows about this then please do contact me and I will catch up with you at the conference.

    Many Thanks


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    Yes, there will be a Windows Vista Embedded

    Windows Embedded Community  

    MEDC this year was mostly about Windows CE 6.0

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    During the MEDC Keynote Pieter Knook outlined the roadmap for the Windows Embedded products - this included updates to Windows XP Embedded through feature packs and the addition of Vista technologies and the availability of Windows Vista with Embedded Licensing Restrictions.

    - Mike

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    G'Day Mike, hope you got a good video Podcast from MEDC down under..

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    I think there is no Vista Embedded now.

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