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View Thread: Scientigo owns the patent to XML ?!?
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    and tigo serach can't find web site.

    Scientigo, Tigo Search - Scien  Tigo

    Reading things I wonder is it technology that was patent that uses XML or XML was patent.

    Scientigo say they patent XML

    In addition, Scientigoâ„¢ owns patents that address a set of key technical protocols, referred to as XML.(Extensible Mark-up Language), a popular standard used to support the exchange of data over the Internet.

    New's articles say "patented XML technology"

    Scientigo's tigo|search blends artificial intelligence, machine learning, rules-based systems, and patented XML technology to deliver a fast, flexible platform that will enable users of FatWire's Content .........

    Either way if someone words it correctly could get a patent on the air we breath and then start to charge money for it. Ohh wait is there not an oxygen bar somerwhere.