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    They need to make a version of Virtual Server that runs on top of Singularity. That way we can keep existing apps running in a VM.

    Think about 50-100 years from now.. is the current NT code base going to last that long? Or should MS start thinking about singularity (or something like it) as the operating system of the future?

    I think they should start working on something new.

    Apparently singularity is more secure (no buffer overrun,etc..) and has huge potential.

    If it really is better, than the market needs it. And if Microsoft doesnt do it, im sure some other company will.

    Especially with virtualization technology becoming so important. A windows app will soon be able run in a VM on any OS. this phenomenon is diminishing the value of the operating system as we know it now. A new approach could rejuvinate the market.