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    the-laughing-man wrote:
    Awesome info, W3bbo. Mind me asking where you bought it from?

    I got mine from, their price was £100 less than everyone elses (sometime in late January Toshiba raised their prices by £100, so et all sold them for £1,250, but I managed to get mine for £1,150, nifty (It seems they still have the old price, but they don't stock it anymore).

    Toshiba make two TabletPC models using the same chassis as the Tecra M4: The R50 and the M4, the R50 is the "home user" variant that comes with Intel Integrated graphics and a DVD burner in a white case (I don't know the material). The M4 comes with nVidia GeForce Go and a CD-RW burner (and a black metal case)

    The M4 is available in two variants, one with GeForce Go 6600 128MB/1GB RAM/2.0Ghz Centrio and one with a GeForce Go 6200 64MB/512MB/1.7Ghz Centrino.

    Unfortunatly the more powerful version isn't available in Europe. (And it's cheaper to buy the RAM elsewhere anyway). However the GeForce Go 6600 is a LOT more powerful than the 6200 (and with double the RAM). but the CPU's 300Mhz difference, however, is negligible in this day and age.