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IE7 Beta 2 released

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    Now you can program it as an add-on to IE7 and submit it. It will probably beat anything the IE team can make.

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    Rowan wrote:
     Now you can program it as an add-on to IE7 and submit it. It will probably beat anything the IE team can make.

    If I wanted to, I'd wait until IE7 final...  I don't want to develop against a moving target, so to speak.

    BruceMorgan/DMassey-> Could one program such an add-on using C# and/or Winforms?

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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Rowan wrote: 
    That's an improvement, but I just noticed something else. What if someone's half way down the page and they want to search for anything above where they currently are, instead of only things below where they are?

    To solve this you would leave the Previous button clickable at all times, like the Next button.

    Good point.  Searching could start on the first line visible in the browser, and pressing next at the bottom or previous at the top could wrap around to the other end of the page.

    Next would still be the default button when you press enter.

    Revision 2:  (incorporated an idea from an earlier comment as well):

    Image Hosted by

    WinForms makes such a nice prototyping tool...

    Perfect except I would still put the prev and next button to the left of the text box, but that's just a detail. Why? I think that most things you search for are rather small strings, or would take less then half of the text box. So the mouse move distance is smaller if the buttons are on the left.

    One more point is this thing going to have memory, i.e. a drop down or auto complete for last searches between browser sessions?

    Good job, and much better then the IE one!Wink

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    The more you guys tweak the UI on the search box, the more it looks like the one in FireFox.. Now that's funny! Big Smile

    Hmm..I think i'll stick to Firefox until IE7 goes live and there are no bugs in it that will annoy users. One thing that makes me sad is that the way the addressbar and buttons are locked. I'm an optmize nerd and I want/must be able to change it to the way I like it or I will feel like i'm locked up in some basement.

    But that's just me.. Perplexed

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