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IT Industry at 16?

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    What can someone like myself (a student between 16 - 20) who has a passion for technology do to play a role in the IT industry today?

    At the moment, it seems the best work I can find is by offering computer support, but I often miss out on a lot of business due to my age. Many people don’t think a sixteen year old like myself can be capable of doing a decent computer related job, and go to a huge company where they often get ripped off. This is a shame because I have many customers that have in fact benefited from the services I have to offer, such as simple computer advice and web design,etc.

    Does anyone of a similar age do any computer related jobs?

    What are your opinions on this topic?

    Thanks everyone Big Smile

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    I'm also quite young. I know: they said to me that I'm to young or that I'm a student, which is/was not good enough for them.

    One thing you could do (and what I did) is to it on your own (if you have time). Start your own little "company".

    Perhaps one of your customer or a relative needs a program. Try to agree with her/him to do it. Make a plan, develop and ship it.

    That could be a beginning.

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