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    Hmm.  Well, the "remember me" on Channel9 works nicely (though looking in the page title to know I'm logged on is still really weird), so it is a little easier to comment here. 

    First, I like being able to comment. Trackbacks have to be done by hand from Blogger and that includes finding wherever the trackback link is hidden on your page, something I despair of figuring out right now.  So all this auto-discovery is great, as long as I have a functioning auto-discoverer, which I don't.  So, one of my principles is people should be able to comment manually, just like people should be able to view a page without CSS, JavaScript, or enabling any mobile code.  That contributes to accessibility and also accomodates problems with security settings that might not be under the visitor's control.

    So the easiest way to trackback for me is to comment and plant a URL in the comment.  And also, sometimes I'm reading at your site and I just want to comment about something that it doesn't make much sense to blog about -- it would be way out of context in my place instead of at your place where the conversation is situated.  (Right now I'm blog deprived, but that's because I'm being anal about recovering from a breakdown in a way where I have a better way to handle the next breakdown.  So I go on and on because you gave me a place to type ...)

    I didn't know comments showed in your feed.  In my NewsGator they don't show up, though a link to comments shows up.  The comments link is a little weird.  For Scoblizer the comments link goes to a crudely-formatted disembodied list that is at a different URL altogether.  Have you had your NewsGator XSL-formatting file customized?

    Here's something interesting.  If you hadn't posted about the problem of comments on Scobleizer, I wouldn't have noticed that there is a combined systems-coherence and confirmable-experience situation here.  Your experience of feeds (even your own) is different than mine, and I could have gone on for some time without knowing that.  It makes it tough to consider the usability of a particular approach when it is very difficult to know how different someone else's experience might be, without consideration of their personal preferences and styles at all.  In particular, neither party might notice that something is off, or in discussing it, one end might have no idea what the party at the other end is talking about.  Sometimes, you have to swap screen shots to have a clue.

    PS: Finally, comments over here don't work for me.  I don't mean about the propriety of it.  You get to work that out. I mean that the comment lists go nuts and they have no apparent structure at all.  Put another way, there may be a structure, but I haven't come up with a conceptual model for it. Reminds me of when I gave up Ecco (which I never really figured out) for Outlook (which made more sense to me most of the time, though I still want to know why I can't put a follow-up on a note when I can on a message in the same folder). 

    AHH!  How about a comments-wiki for Scoble!  Then we can run amok commenting on each other's comments. Heh.