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    Thanks Steve.

    I think what I'm looking for is Chris Sells <wfw:commentRSS/> tag. That way you get the comments back in the same way as the RSS feed itself.

    I've been using XMLSPY a lot recently and I really like the way it shows a graphical representation of an XSD schema. You see an element item of a complextype and you can expand it to see the child elements, and its child elements etc. It makes it really easy to visualise the schema. You can keep expanding nodes in all directions and it never suffers performance wise.

    Tree view of content model

    Visual Studio tries to do a similar thing but it doesn't look nearly as elegant and gets really slow.

    I'd love to see an RSS reader that did a similar thing with Feed->Comments/Trackbacks->Commenters Feed->Comments->.. etc.

    So you could visualise the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Wink