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    Complaining about dangling pointer issues is really harsh nowadays what with supplying a plethora of smart pointers, pointers being de-allocated inside destructors, MFC providing a superb memory dumping interface, CString providing the Format function so you can kiss goodbye to sprintf bugs, and string vector and list providing superb general purpose containers. Add to this some creativity (using the proxy design pattern and operator overloadng to create your object when the first time you access anything with ->) and memory doesn't give you any problems at all. It is interesting to note that ALL the recent exploits microsoft got was because of old school C code and not C++ code. And really using .NET isn't a blanket guarentee for end to security headaches. Case in point: the recent scripting bug which was due to an integer overflow. These kind of bugs can occur in both .NET AND JAVA. Similarly, the data poisoning bugs (sending an apostrophe and go combination in a web form to terminate the current query and executing your own) are also possible everywhere.

    Hmm what do I want to talk about? I wrote a rather lengthy essay in the VisualCPlusPlusFeedback wiki which can be found under the ProductFeedback wiki. You could read it there and add your thoughts there or come back and reply on this thread.

    I also want to discuss the mutilation of C++ being done in the name of porting it to .NET. It just isn't the C++ we love and are used to. Whats more, Microsoft has gone on and made it a 'standard' [sic] too. Well I know one thing, I ain't gonna support that standard. I like C++ just as it is thank you very much.

    Also, given the push about the recent Service Oriented Architecture, doesn't it seem that desktop applications are going to shrink in the near future. So just so we know what direction the world is going to, why not tell us all what C++ apps you guys are working on and how does your company plan to continue them in the future. Do you feel that C++ is slowly going to wane away into obscurity??

    The company I worked in uptil last year used MSVC++ to create a back office application for the WRAP account industry. Our clients included Citibank USA, Independence Investments, Eaton Vance etc. The app was a client/server one, bringing data from the database, performing some calculations and uploading the results again. They ran it on nightly shifts and used the reporting facilities in the morning.

    One of the problems with database querying which we had is that both OLEDB and ADO don't support Bulk operations so we had written our own wrappers around native libraries for MSSQL, ORACLE, and Syabse and used those. Also, our product was database agnostic, we supported ALL RDBMS and the architecture was such that it could easily support a little known Object Oriented database called Vision which is used exclusively in the financial industry.