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    Hi, I'm one of the members of the VC team (Kang Su Gatlin, VC Program Manager), and I'd be happy to answer some questions people might have.  I actually work on the back-end (code generation, optimization, and all that other fun stuff), and of course there are others who focus on things like the language and libraries.  I'll answer what I can and defer issues to other members of the team.

    Regarding C++/CLI being a superset... any legal C++ program should still compile and be semantically equivalent with a conforming C++/CLI compiler.  What does this mean... C++/CLI has added functionality on C++, but hasn't removed or created problems with the current C++ standard.  Folks like Brandon Bray, Herb Sutter, Jeff Peil, etc... went through great pains to make it so.

    In particular you ask about multiple inheritence.  MI is not supported in the CLI, so managed types don't support multiple inheritence, but all your unmanaged types still do.  Does that make sense?

    We're listening.  Also if you thought we weren't working on things in C++ I'd check out our webpage at: and some of the blogs at:

    I think you'll see that we've made the managed story quite good, while at the same time given the "native" C++ developer a boatload of goodies as well.

    I'd love to hear feedback and to help with questions you may have.