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Video request: Testing or/and developing methodologies

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    Hi guys, somehow it seems as you didn't visit any guys doing testing at Microsoft for a long time. Could you visit one of the guys and bring us a video on that topic? I really would like to see if/how you test your products internally.

    Second: a video on the different developing methodologies inside MSFT would be great. What types of techniques do you use? Agile methods, classic methods? I have seen a short video on that a year or even longer ago.

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    I think that is an excellent suggestion.  I second that.  I would love to see somebody crank'n out some test code.  Oh, and it not be a plug for Team System.  Test'n some real stuff.

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    Ion Todirel

    yes would be great

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    Great ideas. In some of the videos coming up we talk about Scrum and Waterfall and such. Also, testing comes up in a few future videos as well.

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    Great. I'm really curious about those topics. They are very important for every developer and Microsoft seems to act a little bit like a black box on them.

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