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Feature: Old Thread Collapse - Question: Wiki Relevance

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    You want to post on C9.  It has something to do with an existing thread - but one from a long time ago.

    You decide to add it to the end of the existing thread.. but after one reply - it just becomes - or - appears - to be the old thread.( lost in the shuffle)

    It would be great to be able to "minimize" the posts within a thread ( if un-posted to for over 2 weeks for example)

    So you would go to the existing thread - rather than making a new one.. but you could collapse that discussion - keep it's title but continue on.

    *just like on the left of XP windows in the task area - up/down arrows/collapse

    This way - you could add new info to thread - and if you think its approriate - collapse the old posts - but they are still there for everyone to read.

    I suppose some members might collapse too many threads.. not sure.

    I think this could help better utalize existing posts- without making un-neccessary new ones.

    last point - the Wiki

    Everyone says - "post it to the wiki! hooray the wiki"
    Problem to me is - there is no community input on the Wiki - or community notification.

    You just add stuff in - and MS either does it or ignores it.

    Id much prefer future threads to have a Wiki vote option - then as members discussed posts - they could quickly click the radio button " Wiki Feature" or "Add to Wiki". 

    Then we wouldnt get techs saying "use the wiki" as it is built in to do so...albiet in a "Voted by" que - but thats better than current manual way?

    ** maybe old threads "auto-collapse" after 2 weeks of inactivity
    theyd only show original post - then collapsed discussion - then your new post/addition

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