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Downloading videos for offline viewing

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    Barry Kelly

    I'm trying to download some of the videos for offline viewing. Because of the extra features download managers offer, I'm using one - FileHound 2.0.7.

    The problem is that I have an url:

    which produces a 406 'Not Acceptable' diagnostic. I've included a dump of FileHound's log, for technical information.

    I've found that many, many, (as much as 85%) of downloads available from [msdn.] don't work with FileHound. Only Microsoft's site returns this 406 Not Acceptable diagnostic.

    Trying to download this with Internet Explorer, in desperation, by pasting the URL into the address bar just starts up Media Player, which is not what I want. Sigh.

    --- Transfer Log follows

    00640417000 Start:
    00640417000 Binary transfer.
    00640417140 Connecting to host at, port 80
    00640417171 Waiting for connect...
    00640417234 Connected.  Opening save file.
    00640417265 Transferring data...
    00640417296 Send Line: GET /download/5/8/1/58105f3b-089d-4840-a28f-3248720bcff7/anders_hejlsberg_2004_tour_through_computing_industry_history.wmv HTTP/1.0||Host:||User-Agent: FileHound 2.0||Accept: *||Referer:||||
    00640417671 Recv Line: HTTP/1.0 406 Not Acceptable
    00640417671 Recv Line: Content-Length: 1713
    00640417671 Recv Line: Content-Type: text/html
    00640417671 Mime Content-Type (text/html) forces text transfer.
    00640417671 Recv Line: Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    00640417671 Recv Line: X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
    00640417671 Recv Line: Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 18:03:48 GMT
    00640417671 Recv Line: Connection: close
    00640417671 Failure: HTTP/1.0 406 Not Acceptable

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    What happens when you right-click the URL and choose Save As from the context menu?


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    Aayush Puri

    A request:
     Can Channel 9 people put these videos as .exe files (as is the case with MSDN TV videos and DOTNET Show videos). The problem is that my (network) proxy server doesn't allow .wmv downloads Sad


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    Barry Kelly

    That uses Internet Explorer to perform the download. The problem with that is if the computer is shut down, or the internet connection goes down, or the power is unplugged from the wall, you'll have difficulty resuming where you left off.

    A download manager handles this resuming automatically.

    I theorize it's because much of wants some kind of cookie access for downloads. It's not as big an issue right now for me due to broader-band access, but I know it was a month ago, and it probably will be again, and probably is for other people too, so I thought I'd mention it.

    Another artifact: if I want to download 50 files, I probably don't want them downloading simultaneously - and indeed, most servers won't allow you to download more than two things simultaneously to the same client. I'd want to queue them up and get them two at a time. A download manager does this automatically, with automatic pausing, stopping and resuming control, along with keeping an archive of downloaded urls so that failed downloads can be repeated easily.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work. Addicted to good info.

    -- Barry Kelly

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    I'm not trying to gang up but a self extracting binary file (exe) would be nice. It confuses people when they click the 'Download Video' link and it opens Media player and is a pain in the * for the rest of us.

    Aayush, what is your lan proxy server? Squid on Linux maybe? Because I have a bypass for Squid/Linux proxy protection.

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