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Eweek's Anti-Microsoft FUD

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    Eweek published a report that claims IT Admins do not trust SP2 security . Eweek claims that IT admins and security experts said the upgrade doesn't live upto the spirit of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Campaign. It claims that two "flaws" found by a German company are highly critical and it says Microsoft is downplaying the flaws. Eweek says that Microsoft either should automatically detect trojans or should prevent people from running programs. Eweek doesn't say anything about Linux or MacOS X, however in other reports according to eweek, windows is less secure than linux and macos x because of these flaws (i.e. letting the user to run programs).

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    It does sound like they struggle to find issues with XP + SP2.

    I mean security researchers are just doing what they always do, finding holes in stuff even if small. It is up to the media to put their own swing on it, and in this case I think they are OVER stating how big this problem is and deliberately acting dumb when in comes to the trustworthy rubbish.

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    You have to be kidding me. "windows is less secure than linux and macos x because of these flaws (i.e. letting the user run programs)." They're right! I tried linux and couldn't get it to run anything. I just read a post about the label on a box of frozen fish saying that it may contain fish. Are they trying to say the same thing? Your computer may not be secure because you can sit there and make it do something you were expecting it to do anyway?

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    Jeremy W

    eWeek's had some kind of axe to grind for quite some time. This isn't new. Take all of eWeeks' MS content with a pound of salt.

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    "An ounce of perception, a pound of obscure..."

    A pound of salt?  How about a sack of...

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