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View Thread: Funny campaign from web standards project
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    Just use MyIE. Has all the user experience you need and uses the IE engine. fin.

    Did anybody read these testimonials? Bwhahahahahaha.

    His Problem: Resource Usage too great with IE
    Opinion: Typical user that has clicked Yes one too many times on those spyware install popups. He was probably choked with Two search bars, multiple spy programs, etc... Prove that wrong, where are the details of other programs he was running... Here's a fun fact for you:

    Two browser windows open browsing that URL above on my XP box right now:

    iexplore.exe  8,480k
    firefox.exe  18,936k

    WTF mate? One could argue that's the nature of how firefox manages memory suck up a bunch on startup so pages load faster. I'm going to do the 20 web pages open test in a bit.

    His Problem: Web page loading speed
    Opinion: How much faster was Firefox? Did he time them? Perceived speed? .05 seconds faster? Or is it that the engine loaded the text, then images to give the perception of faster loading? I want statistics, not some guys perception as proof of speed.

    I have to go to a meeting right now so someone else who's keen on debunking this bunk continue my analysis.