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    lenn wrote:
    Good suggestion and one that I want to see too. We built this forum on ASP.NET 2.0 Alpha so basically we took the stock functionality, made bug fixes and tweaks, and are working on new features from here. We are looking into a PM implementation and will let you know where we go from here. Thanks again, and don't give up on me yet.

    I'm not even close to giving up.  For the record, I tried my best to use wording that explained my case but didn't sound critical.  Unfortunately, typed works can sound much different than what was really intended.

    Also, would it be possible to have a "see a listing of the last threads you replied to" button somewhere on the home page?  It would make it really easy to follow up on comments made but possibly forgetten.  The convenience factor of something like that is really huge if you post a lot.

    Thanks again for the work you Channel9 guys have already done.  I think you've done a good job of giving Microsoft a "voice" outside of the soundbites and press releases we get from Balmer and crew.  The actual workings of the site are just the "implementation" and are bound to improve with time.  Congratulations on what you've already accomplished!

    That being said, the forum categories are pretty broad.  Is there any thought being given to breaking them down any further?  It doesn't need to be set in stone but it would make it a lot easier to follow along with if threads were grouped by topic. 

    (and you might as well make a suggestion box category for whiners like me Wink