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The Ultimate Aggregator

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    Andrew Davey

    The range of content being provided via RSS feeds is growing everyday. We now have text, audio, photos and even video being published using this pervasive media. Simple text aggregators are fine for reading a few news feeds and weblogs, but people will want to do more with the available content. A prime example is Adam Curry’s iPodder script to automatically upload MP3s found in RSS feeds to his iPod. RSS provides a single channel for all different forms of content to flow through. So surely it would be good to have a single engine to process and control that flow; an extensible engine that can grow to handle the ever increasing types of content.


    I would like to propose the creation of a new content aggregator. The features that it should have include:

    • Feed parsers to translate different formats into a standard item collection
    • Feed filters to make browsing large amounts of items easy
    • Feed processors that perform custom actions such as upload audio to iPods, post weblog entries, etc
    • Feed presenters that provide custom user interfaces to best suit the type of media in the feeds.

    So is anyone out there interested in some sort of open source ultimate aggregator? This could potentially be a big project so I’d love to get feedback and ideas from the rest of the community, either here or at

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