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Favorite Vista Game?

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    Sven Groot

    Nidonocu wrote:
    Got to love the effects in the new Minesweeper. Set it maximum size with 999 mines and click..

    Okay, now that was funny. Smiley

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    Well, since we're obviously spreading past the simple little applets that come with Windows...

    ... Starcraft.

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    But I think we're missing the other point, that Windows is an "Operating System". I'm sure now it's more of an "environment" than just an OS, but I think it should be as simple and streamlined as possible, and that includes the included games.

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    Where is Space Cadet Pinball, that was such a good game; I played it for hours when I first used Windows XP; I only play it when I have nothing to do now, but it still has some entertainment value, especially when you use cheats to get good scores.

    Angus Higgins

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    blatzcoder wrote:
    I hear the favorite Vista game inside of Microsoft is "guess the ship date". Odds are the winner will be picked from the pool of people who guess "Christmas 2007".

    You might be's a shame your not playing the game you mighta won.

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