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14 Dollar Steady-Cam

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    I thought of you Channel9 guys when I saw this on Boing Boing: 14 Dollar Steady-Cam!

    "Why build a cheap steadycam? Steadycams (or camera stabilizers) are attachments used to capture smooth looking video even when the camera and camera operator are in motion. The camera operator may walk or even jog), move through tight hallways and doorways, and even climb up and down stairs without shaking the camera. Unfortunately, professional steadycams cost around $1500. Even the cheap 3rd party ones cost $600+. Not exactly a bargain considering many of us use cameras in that price range. So, I decided to make my own version. It turns out, it only costs $14. Not too bad. And I'll show you how to build your own right here (or you may simply buy one from

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    we all read slashdot.

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    And your point is?

    AnitaR comes up with a helpful post...  Is your response meant to help?  Or make her feel like it's not worth posting something found elsewhere?

    BTW, I zoom daily through slashdot and boing boing in my newsreader and I've been out of reach of internet for 3 days, so i thought this was interesting info.

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    This would be great!  I know there are several handicapped people out there that would benefit HIGHLY from an inexpensive solution like this.

    Heck, even my horrible photographer of a sister could benefit from this!  Wink

    This is neat if you found out how to make one for $14!


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    sorry chris didn't mean to offend you...wont make the same mistake

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    I actually bought one of those $600 numbers for a project a few years back, it was really cool. But i am amazed at this thing, makes me want to get back into Videography...

    ~ Knute

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    Thanks Anita for the forward.  We will check this out.  Scoble gets the shaky cam thing going occasionally and this could help for mobile shots when not tripodding Wink 

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    Who said I had a shaky hand? Hehe!

    You'll notice that on newer videos I'm using a tripod. Great tips for the steady cam, though. I'll have to get me one of those!

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    Yeah, Robert, I figured with emphasis on video and emphasis on low budget here, this is a natural! Next blog gathering, you could do a long traveling shot like in Goodfellas.

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