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    Hi members,

    Taming Windows

    I am high school teacher. Often I require my students to read a passage of text from a website or file. I then ask them to summarise what they have read and write some brief notes in a text file or Microsoft Word file. This requires them to work in both files simultaneously.

    Windows doesn't allow them to keep both the passage window and their notes window open at the same time. This is irritating for them and is not healthy for their concentration. It would seem much more productive if both windows could be firmly glued open allowing the student to gracefully float between source file and his notes file.

    Is there any way to force Windows to keep two windows  open side by side as the student works ? - i.e. a setting which doesn't allow the windows, some one is working on, to close when they lose focus. This default opening and closing windows as they lose or come into focus is not very helpful here.

    Cross referencing / Bookmarking paragraghs

    Developing the scenario above further - noting taking might require 
    the students to reference particular sections of the text  ( paragraphs ) from his notes file to further expand on the points he has noted.

    Is it possible for my students to reference a particular or set of paragraphs in a HTML file  which do NOT have an associated anchor tag  ?  Can we get a program that generates anchors for us that we can use to reference in our links ?

    Furthermore, how is this same referencing to paragraphs achieved when trying to reference paragraphs in a Word or PDF (adobe ) document ?

    Thank you,