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    Hi Monchant, Cybermagellan, Pace, Pacelevi, DCMonkey, AL_,

    Taming Windows

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I am now getting success and infact Windows is behaving quite wonderfully - so longer as each Window is not maximised seems to be the key. The "channel 9" reply window is even tracking the position of the cursor and scrolling automatically left and right for me as I am writing this. Big SmileCool
    ( I am now in an Internet Cafe - I will try it on the network at college ). The

    Cross Referencing - Anchors

    Monchant, does OneNote automatically create references to only the file in file system ( like a "shortcut" type thing ) 
    can we reference more specifically to actual sections and/or paragraghs of text in any standard document regardless of type ( .pdf or .doc ) and location ( on the web or in the file system) by simply "drag and drop" ? Do I understand you correctly ?

    I am asking for too much ?