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    CoLD FiRe

    Yggdrasil wrote:

    I still feel that other than Offline messages, I haven't seen any compelling reason to upgrade.

    LOL, you are acting like it costs money to upgrade.
    I mean why wouldn’t you upgrade if something’s totally free and seems just as stable as the previous version and also adds new features? And the new UI that’s shown in this build imo looks a lot nicer than msn 7.5.

    Here are some reasons why I like msn 8. And why I think its worth using.

    Its contacts details are a major improvement over msn 7.5 coz now you can add lots of details to your contacts including notes.

    You can give them customs names that overwrite there nicknames.

    It now neatly displays there nick name, tagline and EMAIL!!! on the contacts main window/msns main window all at once.

    I like the new feature on how it removes the “contacts says:”. And if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. So it’s NOT a problem.

    For people like me that have about 200 contacts the Search Filter is GOD sent. Also you can add keywords to the contacts, which then the search filter will look through as well.

    Offline Messages are handy.

    It of course links to the new live services such as the new contact cards and friends lists.

    And the shared folders are pretty handy as well.

    Umm and some little things that you might have overlooked are....

    When you have a contact window open, you can now click into there email displayed under there nickname and copy and paste it.

    When there are multiple contacts in a convo and some aren’t on your msn list, you can now right click on them and add them.

    It can now display contacts from your hotmail/live address books in the main window. So that you can simply double click them and start up a blank email addressed to them.

    So there’s my list of reasons to upgrade.