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50 Free Games and a Lot of Wasted Plastic

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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter

    Last night in my mailbox I received yet another AOL mass mailing "sign up for n free hours!" disc. This time, instead of being contained in a thin cardboard sleeve wrapped in plastic, the disc was inside of a DVD-type plastic box. Although I have not tried the games out yet (and I don't know if they require you to sign up AOL or not or contain adware) I'm trying to figure out the logic of wasting that much plastic on a mass mailing.  I know AOL has plenty of $$$, but the bigger, flashier box is not going to get me to sign up. I will take the 50 games, though, as long as they don't add a bunch of adware junk to my registry.

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    At the very least you have a free DVD case. My boys are always chewing on ours....hehe Cool

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    Harlequin, maybe you should just give them, you know, food.

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    Hehe.....those guys are only 6 and 8 and they eat more than I do Smiley

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    Yes, but they're still growing, so they need it more than you do. I remember when I was about 12 years old, I could eat a horse without gaining a lot of weight. There were never any leftovers.

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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    Last night in my mailbox I received yet another AOL mass mailing "sign up for n free hours!" disc.

    Send it back Smiley

    Jason Umphress wrote:

    Open my mailbox
    The discs flow like River Styx
    I'm in A O Hell


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    Are AOL going downhill? They recently closed a call centre:
    Although they do say it is because they are getting less calls than before. Perhaps that is due to a) poor support (outsourced), so people just give up calling them; b) you don't have to use AOL's software to connect; c) Windows is more stable, so IE crashes don't happen as often. I don't agree with the statement about members becoming more sophisticated than in '96 - if anything, they are less so, as in the past customers were early adopters (who tend to be better technically).

    There is far less demand for an ISP with its own members only Intranet than in the past.

    No response from Cybermagellan yet...

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