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    I totaly agree with you, the reason why IE 'looks' so bad to others is cause A) it's THE pinicle of browsers so of course its gona be targeted and B)IMO it's just easy to hate because EVERYONE uses it. As for all of these other browsers, just mere specks to what IE is and will be. Similar to the platform wars, Windows VS Linux (IMO Apple isn't even there), With what MS has put out Ex. Windows ME, of course people are gona question the quality of MS's products, but with XP (SP2 included) and Longhorn I think MS is realy heading the right direction. Being the pinicle, there will ALWAYS be attacks, holes, exploits, etc. but when some hole in the wall OS steps up to the plate and faces off with LH or even (if there will be one) XP Refresh, that OS is just going to be seen as useless junk.