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I am preety much sure someone has answer ....

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    You probebly face this everyday in your work life
    ok not everyday but u have atleast faced this once....

    How to debug inline javascrip code within ASP.NET?

    i tried script explorer , its always blank and didnt find any help
    on the net.

    I am preety much sure someone has answer to this so please guide.


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    Rotem Kirshenbaum

    Did you attached the IExplore procees in debug ?


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    Yes I did
    in visual studio 2005 i have this script explorer but everytime
    i open it, its empty. I read somewhere that it is for external .js file
    so how do i do it for inline javascript.

    is there a tool out there to debug javascript...where you can set break points and stuff

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    Sven Groot

    Make sure you go into the Advanced options of IE and that "Disable script debugging" is not checked (it is by default). Once that option is set, it should ask you to open a debug session when it encounters an error.

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    Sorry I only scimmed reading it but maybe this will help:

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    thank u all for replying, i do have script debugger enabled in internet
    explorer. So if there is an error it does give me popup with error.
    I was more kind of looking for debugger where i can set break point
    within inline javascript in pages and debug it within studio
    or something.

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