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my week for failures

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    Hardware that is.

    First The Controlers monitor blows up and go out and buy him 32in LCD wide screen (the controler is almost completely blind)

    Then a couple of clients on the network bit the dusk for no reason

    Had to Fix a dust collector

    Had to fix a band saw and teach people how to run it because the guy we hired to operate it was a drunk and came into  work drunk after being warned 3 times not to come in drunk so he got fired.  So I had cut up 10,000 pounds of material  in only 10 hours because customer orders are due in 6 days..

    Then my Harddrive fails!!!!

    Now i was going to sit down and relax to some Xbox Live time and guess what it starts doing...  Freezing up in the middle of game play.[C][C]

    Just got off the phone with MS tech support and its going in to be repaired Expressionless

    The last few days are very trying

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