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What is UP with Cw?

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    Hi guys,
      I just was browsing the internet for what is up with C# 3.0, and I came across this page .

    Its talking about a new language for microsoft. Has C# not proven itself to be a good language? Why make a new language? why not improve on C#?

    What is special about C "Omega" that makes it nessissary to make a whole new language than C#? I thought C# and VB.NET are going to be the languages of the future.

    I am confused right now Expressionless

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    Most aspects of Cw are being incorporated into C# 3.0 (LINQ, etc)

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    Cω is a research language, and is used to research certain language aspects. And, like Paolo said, the results of that research were used to enhance C# (and VB).

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    The site points to this as why or what?

    Cω is an extension of C# in two areas:

    - A control flow extension for asynchronous wide-area concurrency (formerly known as Polyphonic C#):

    - A data type extension for XML and table manipulation (formerly known as Xen and as X#):

    Along with the other post more than likely this discovery will become C# x.x. I also read Cw as an extension to C#. Does that mean c# is needed in order to make it work and that Cw does not replace it?

    I guess I will have to download and find out.

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