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What's your favorite E3 trailer?

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    There is so much E3 content.  What cool trailers (or other news/announcements) have y'all found?

    The Crysis Trailer looked pretty good:

    What are your favorites?

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    Rather more a trailer for a platform than an individual game, but: <-- Click the "Fresh Experiences" tab and the video appears.

    God, I can't wait. [C]

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    All Nintendo trailers.

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    Nintendo's trailer is cool.

    Here's the funny thing about that... I'm not a console fan... In fact the last console I purchased was a N64... I am happy to play PC games. On top of that I also think that Nintendo's new system is ugly and has a awful name.

    But after saying all that I might be tempted to actually buy a Wii just because I love the idea of me being able to interact with my games.

    A mouse and keyboard is fine... As is a standard controller... But if you really want to be immersed into the game you have to psychically interact with it... And none of the other "next generation consoles" offer that same type of immersion as won't the PC.

    If the Wii does what they advertise it can do -- which is allow you to psychically act out part of the game then they might have a customer here.

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    Wii, will change gaming as we know it. I can't wait for it.

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    I think Spore is going to up the peg on computer games quite a bit.

    I think the Eve Online guys are the the E3....wonder if they're going to show anything new that is up and coming Smiley

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