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POLL: Which client..?

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    .. You prefer for Microsoft product bug reporting (and possibly tracking)?

    Few of the common to MS products are:



    MS Beta Client

    There are others but I believe these are the well known.

    Personally I prefer MS Beta Client for submitting bugs since there is no Live/Passport timeout and so far it has worked much better than the rest for submitting bugs.

    I think they are improving the Connect but I still prefer PFC for tracking and voting of bugs because it just feels faster and doesn't require so much clicking to get around. It also shows much more detail in one page.

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    PFC (Ladybug) by far.

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    gregoryw wrote:
    PFC (Ladybug) by far.

    Beta Client, because I'm lazy and it's the first one I found a link for.  I don't boot into Vista often enough to make big decisions about my beta reporter... Not yet.

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