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    One other thing that is scary fragmentation but I dont think will have an impact on the games because when playing the games the fragmentation does not effect the game play. Unless HDMI game play is better than component. Not as much as having a hard drive or not (360) althought that does not seem to be a problem for the past 6+ months.

    But one could assume ohh my friend has PS3 let us go watch the blu-ray movie. To find out he has the crippled version and you could have just got a normal DVD.

    Also having the wireless network inside does that pose a sharing challange? I have at times borrowed my friends 360 wireless network can I do that with a PS3?

    I understand the two tier introduces fragmentation but I think the 360 modularity can make a core one like a bundled one.

    Also is the PS3 HD removable I would assume so if it could go from 20 to 60 unless it is inside.