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Transcode 360

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    anyone using Trascode360 with MCE and an Xbox360 as a media extender playing Xvids?

    What's the CPU load like and the quality on the Xbox?



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    The CPU load is fairly high on a P4 3Ghz... Although you could use the machine for other things without too much of a problem... Just not high end apps like games.

    On a small to mid TV the video looks fine, just don't expect it to look like a DVD on a 21" Flat Panel display. It is very watchable.

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    CPU Load real high on my x64 3.4GHz too, but the system still performs fine even while recording HDTV.

    By the way, thanks for pointing that one out - I had been looking around for a simple (ie not pre-transcoding) way to stream my VOB's/DIVX's to my 360...

    Removed the one MCE/360 extender limitation that bugged me Wink

    quality is great too!!

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