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SP2 Boot screen change

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    After installing SP2 network installer version on XP Home, the usual boot screen changed from a green progress bar to blue(like XP Pro) but it does not list what version of windows(home or pro) it just says Windows XP, nothing else. I know this is a pointless question and doesn't affect anything but maybe somebody could explain why it did this and if so, hopefully tell me somehow I have more advanced networking possibilities on an xp home machine.

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    Sorry but, to my knowledge, you don't have any more networking capabilities. They did this to try and bring closer pro and home. Especially since they have made a starter edition for countries that love Open-Source, countries that are in Asia.

    But if you don't like the boot up screen you can always just go googling for a program that changes it, there are heaps of them.

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    Mike Dimmick

    The sceptic in me says, why build six different versions of a binary localized in all supported languages for a very minor UI feature. The six editions I'm thinking of:

    Windows XP Home Edition
    Windows XP Professional Edition
    Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Windows XP Embedded
    Windows XP Starter Edition (the new Far East el cheapo version)

    Without the 'XYZ Edition' tag you could possibly get away with not localising the 'Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation' tag. I note that the dates are no longer included in the copyright notice.

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    You will also notice the copyright went from 2 lines to 1 with the copyright year removed Wink

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    I hadn't seen mention about the color change so I thought I was seeing things when I noticed it was blue.  Nice to be reassured that my eyes weren't fooling me.

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