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Mind Manager / Mapping

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    Anyone here utilizing the benifits of Mind managers / Mind mapping software applications like MindJet's MindManager?

    At first I started only using it during requirement gathering and brainstorming design phases. Now I am becoming more dependent on it for many things.

    I can create logical design diagrams very quickly and efficiently, move individual components around with ease and get a really good visualization aid to my overall design plans; which makes creating final design diagrams so much easier.

    Just wondering if anyone else has been using similiar techniques?

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    dunno about mind mapping but i always find a nice big bit of paper is a good place to start a design/project

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    martin_lovick wrote:
    dunno about mind mapping but i always find a nice big bit of paper is a good place to start a design/project

    You should download the trial and give it a test drive.
    If you are anything like me, it will save you alot of time and effort and just may help facilitate designing a better application.

    Honestly, I am very impressed with the idea and functionality of this software as a whole.

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    We use MindGenius quite a bit.  Its meant to be one of the better mind mapping pieces of software.  I've also seen it used with those with learning difficulties and its really great for them.

    I find it useful sometimes, but as often just prefer to note stuff down on my Tablet or plan out my thoughts big-style on a White Board.

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    I've used the trial version and really liked it.

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    If you are using MindManager for requirements gathering, take a look at this free MindManager add-in I built, Mindjet Requirements Manager which integrates with Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System.

    Michael S. Scherotter
    Product Manager, Solution Platforms
    Mindjet Corporation

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    I've done a bit of mind mapping in the past for a course I am doing (not sure if I will in the future). I used Freemind to do it. Mindjet does look better and have more features, but Freemind is free (open source).

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