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EU GeoData ?

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    Anybody here know anything about INSPIRE? It is essentially an EU directive to say that the GIS companies in Europe can charge for the data, that we as taxpayers have already paid for Sad is attempting to perusade European Members of Parliament to vote for some recent amendments which provide a much more reasonable position.

    So basically if the thought of free/open geodata for Europe makes you happy I was wondering if any EU citizens would consider signing the petition?

    If you really really would like to help, translations of the petition would be helpful. Already available in Spanish, Basque,  Italian and German (and I have asked my wife to translate to French).  Any dutch speakers would be cool ....


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    GPS is free... Why not just continue to use that?

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    Manip wrote:
    GPS is free... Why not just continue to use that?

    The underlying geographic data is not however free. GPS will give you the coordinates, but what do you then map it onto without paying an organisation like OS for the map data?   Could you imagine starting a company in Europe and having 50% of your start up costs be geographic data that you (as a citizen) have already paid for.

    The same applies to meteo and hydrographic data .. etc.

    Currently the best source of GIS data in the USA, where all of the data is free for public consumption.

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    I don't know if you talk about Galileo, which is a civilian radio-navigation system and will be based on a constellation of thirty satellites providing global coverage. It seem to me that first was launched at the end of 2005. I read i don't know where there will be three levels of services, and the first for free Tongue Out

    I found this video (real format):


    I think there will a lot of opportunities for .NET developers; it's cool Big Smile

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