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View Thread: Trying to read MSDN on the Pocket PC
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    Robert Hess wrote:
    Actually, the page you should be starting with is:

    but the problem still exists that any "real" content you try to view will just be normal web pages and not something that is tuned for a PDA sized screen.

    I wasn't even aware that we had that much prepped for a PDA. I'll look into this a bit and see what I can find out.


    Hi, yes, sorry - just using mobile.aspx goes to the MSDN headlines, which you also get to by choosing the MSDN Headlines link from mobiledefault.aspx.

    Anyway, if it went to content consistently in the way you describe (i.e. not tuned for a PDA, but still the content I want) I would be happy (or happier!). However, when I choose as an example, from mobiledefault.aspx, "MSDN Headlines", followed by the current first article, "WS-Addressing Additions" and Updates, it jumps straight back to mobiledefault.aspx. Same for the 3rd article ("Efficient Techniques for modifying large XML Files"), and probably for many more.

    But, yes, once that is sorted out, it would be great if they could be optimised for the mobile device - like I say, the MSDN magazine articles are not bad on that score.