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View Thread: Where did you start at Microsoft?
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    leeappdalecom wrote:
    I would like to work at MS one day, what kind of person do they look for, is it someone with exceptional knowledge of the subject area and a passion for technology? Doe everyone require a college degree?

    I wouldnt try for a position yet because I want to earn lots of money contracting so I can pay off my debts, pay for my mortgage and the missus shopping trips but when im 28-30 ill probably start to look for a permanent position somewhere and id love to work for someone like MS and be at the cutting edge of the industry.

    There is no "One Path" to do it, I would just recomend to network, learn everything you can and know what you know but be smart enough to know that you don't know everything.

    As an example, I was interviewed for a SharePoint position, but when I interviewed in person, I was not asked a single question directly about SharePoint. I was asked about BizTalk and ASP.NET (they both were on my resume but I was not expecting to be asked about them).

    So it means finding your niche and Microsoft needing that niche filled. That's how it worked out for me I think. But I joined for the people... I love the people I worked with and the personalities in the group. Yeah the perks are great, but the people make it worth while. People who really do care about the customer/users.