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    I think this has gone way out of proportion.

    People are trying to invalidate eachother's belief, that's just stupid. Look, christianity seeks to convert people to their religion because they feel that they are right in doing it, and that other people need to be converted.

    To people with faith like that, the rest of us are damned or blind. What is that? Plain tripe is what that is. The truth is, (and I know this from experience) that most christians dont give a dang about the person sitting next to them. They are so consumed with the clouds that they dont see the suffering in front of them.

    Look, TDVC is a book, a movie, heck a phenomenon, but if people would step back and just believe in what they know to be true for themseleves and not try to push what they believe there would be a lot less problems in the world, especially with this peice of fiction.

    I find it disturbing that one person seems to feel better than the other because they dont believe in the same things. I dont advocate blind faith but I do advocate tolerance.

    Tolerate Dan Brow for all his fault, and you will be a better person for it. Because life really is too short for BS like this.