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    ScanIAm wrote:

    So, then, the alternative is to go back to believing that god created it all, right?

    Science is not meant to replace religious faith. 

    Seems to me that either one takes an equal amount of faith to believe. 

    I love science, and I try to keep up with the leading edge of research.  I think science and faith can coexist peacefully, though they certainly have conflicts, particularly when science leads people to deny the existence of God.  I think science replaces faith in God, in many people's minds and hearts.  But often those people are not scientists, and don't know much about science.  On the contrary, they are just putting blind faith in science, and the closest they get to actually studying a scientific discipline is reading Popular Science or Scientific American.

    Speaking of science, one topic I am fascinated with is   the relativistic effects of black holes.  I know this is a little off-topic, but what the hey.  I think it's fascinating that when an object falls into a black hole, time (from our perspective) stops for that object, and it never actually gets past the event horizon (from our perspective).  But from the perspective of the object itself, time continues on just as it always has, and the object falls on through the event horizon and on to the singularity at the center, but as soon as it hits the event horizon the rest of the universe has aged to infinity.  Studying topics like relativity, and quantum physics, and string theory, don't reduce my faith in God -- they actually make it stronger, because I believe I see the fingerprints of God in these parts of his creation.