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Alex St. John - Surviving Vista

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    An interesting and informative presentation about casual content development for the new OS given by Alex St. John and Mike Sandige. Check out for the video. I like where he razzes the MS guys for not giving the presentation themselves.

    I liked Alex back when he wrote for Maximum PC magazine back in the day. Glad to see that he's been doing well. Don't like that WildTangent has spyware aspects to it, but I think it's been a positive development for the net in general.

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    augh.  They make you register for it.  No thanks.Sad

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    That's why I have a throw-away hotmail account. Access to interesting content without the fears of registration consequences.

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    Alex St. John. I remember that name from the old DirectX vs. OpenGL Usenet Wars. He used to work for MS as a DirectX evangelist back when Direct3D sucked. Then he got fired.

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