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View Thread: Forget Kerry or Bush, I want Bill Gates President!
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    I really feel like Kerry and bush really don't care all that much about the "tech geek vote".

    Bush has made some nice comments about coast to coast free broadband but I know Mr. Gates would take us to a new level of tech.

    Here's what I think would be nice.

    1. Online voting
    2. Online Drivers License or State IDs Issued
    3. FREE coast to coast wi fi
    4. Wide spread wi-fi internet video phone
    5. More computers in schools
    6. Forget Directv, lets have MSN internet2 wifi tv.
    7. Less or no taxes on PC hardware to allow every home in the usa to own a "ok" comouter set up. This would also encourage people to buy new gear more often.

    Fun Ideas

    1. Outlaw Macs! haha

    Bad Thoughts

    1. Bill would push the DRM issue