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View Thread: Windows Vista Ultimate Edition - 500€ or 638.88$ or 339.87£
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    It doesnt make any sense to get all huffy and puffy on the price of vista. There are five versions so far so the prices could range in USD from $299 up to $800. Another thing is, do you guys really think people are just gonna buy vista while xp is still a great OS.

    Come on, developers can provide applications with the .Net 2.0 framework, meaning they could use tools like winfx to create richer applications 

    Soon, the price of xp would drop dramatically, and then in a few years as support is being phased out people will start to upgrade.
    Regular people do not like change. They feel it as being scarry. Why do you thing there are so many users still with Win 98 SE? Becayse its a good OS for all its faults.

    Thats how it would be with XP, people are forgeting that theres still XP out there and that consumers still want to use it. Vista is the future perfect, xp is the present perfect. All things being equal XP is gonna take a while before it stops getting supported.

    Right now though, as my prices were, any guess is speculative, and as you know. When you assume...... 

    Good Luck:)