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    W3bbo wrote:
    This whole thing is an overhyped zero-interest loan equal to the value of half your computer's cost which is payed back in installments (hence the hourly rate).

    It would just be easier to give them the zero-interest loan in the first place, but I guess this way you're guranteed income

    No, read the article. It's explicitly NOT a standard regular-payment loan, and it WOULDN'T be easier to give them such a loan. That's been tried, and it doesn't work for everyone:

    In many cases, Microsoft has already worked with local governments and businesses to offer financing programs in which consumers pay a monthly fee for their PC. But one of the things Microsoft said it has learned is that many people in developing countries do not have a steady income. With FlexGo, consumers can scale back their PC use in months that they have less money, rather than having to default on their purchase.